Warranty and service
Warranty and service “FORWARD HDD” LLC has its own service center to execute product warranty liabilities, after-sales service and equipment repair, provides the clients’ staff with theoretical and practical company instructions and consultations on all matters concerning
Factory Introduction
The factory Forward Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., LTD was established in the Peoples’ Republic of China, Jiangsu province in 2009. Factory of FORWARD GROUP is located in the Lianyungang free economic zone, in 460km from Shanghai city. This selection of the production site is quite grounded
HDD Technology
HDD Technology In our time of explosive city growth, extension and building of industrial enterprises and technology development, laying the new and reconstruction of old worn-out underground pipelines has great value. Currently the difficulty of works on engineering communications building, using
What guarantees do you give for equipment?
  Answer: We have a 24-hour customer service, ready to fulfill all warranty liabilities anywhere in Russia. "FORWARD HDD" LLC produces the mobile drilling equipment of FORWARD brand. The quality of our equipment is proved out in the results of work of our customers and our own FORWARD drilling
Can you train our team?
Answer: With the purchase of equipment we provide free theoretical and practical training and carry out technical support on the first project. “FORWARD HDD” LLC produces horizontal directional drilling equipment of FORWARD brand. Hundreds of objects across Russia and CIS states are
Why FORWARD factory is located in China?
  Answer: The decision to place FORWARD production site in China was taken by FORWARD Group management not by chance. We strove to produce high quality equipment, keep the low prices and ensure high production rate. At the present time, perhaps, only China provides the best opportunities in
What are the advantages of FORWARD HDD rigs?
Answer: FORWARD are the only HDD rigs, especially designed for the Russian market. This is European quality at an attractive price. It is round-the-clock service, spare part storage and service base in Kazan, Russia. FORWARD HDD rigs have exclusive power; the operation of rigs on real sites has