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HDD Technology

HDD Technology

In our time of explosive city growth, extension and building of industrial enterprises and technology development, laying the new and reconstruction of old worn-out underground pipelines has great value.

Currently the difficulty of works on engineering communications building, using trenching method in urban areas under the roads, railway lines, water bodies and other obstacles, is connected with large financial expenses, inconvenience for surroundings and ecological losses. In some cases building of communications using the traditional trenches methods is impossible.

Alternative solution of this problem is trenchless technology. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) – is a relatively new but rapidly developing construction technology, which allows building of underground pipelines without excavation of soil, based on the use of special drilling rigs.

Construction of underground communications using the technology of horizontal directional drilling is carried out in three stages:

1. Drilling a pilot hole.

2. Back reaming drilling.

3. Pulling the pipe.


Drilling a pilot hole.

Back reaming drilling

Pulling the pipe

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