What guarantees do you give for equipment?


Answer: We have a 24-hour customer service, ready to fulfill all warranty liabilities anywhere in Russia.

"FORWARD HDD" LLC produces the mobile drilling equipment of FORWARD brand. The quality of our equipment is proved out in the results of work of our customers and our own FORWARD drilling crews on sites across Russia and CIS states.

We are convinced that the purchase of FORWARD drilling equipment is just the beginning of long-term and mutually beneficial relations with our partners. The highly qualified service plays an important role for ensuring the smooth operation of equipment.

“FORWARD HDD” LLC provides a whole range of after-sales services for FORWARD drilling rigs:

  • Specialist’s visit on the site of the customer for diagnostic and repair works.
  • Maintenance operation.
  • After-sales service is 1 year.
  • Remote consultations and diagnostic by phone.
  • Supply of drilling tools, auxiliary equipment, spare parts and consumable materials.
  • Post-warranty maintenance.
  • Round-the-clock working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Diagnostic and repair works.
  • Carrying out theoretical and practical training.

FORWARD production facility is equipped with all necessary spare parts and consumable materials. We use only original spare parts. The spare parts storage is constantly refilled (expanding), which provides the shortest maintenance operation terms and repair works.

Can you train our team?

Answer: With the purchase of equipment we provide free theoretical and practical training and carry out technical support on the first project.

“FORWARD HDD” LLC produces horizontal directional drilling equipment of FORWARD brand. Hundreds of objects across Russia and CIS states are fulfilled at FORWARD drilling rigs. Our equipment has proved itself to be reliable, suitable for construction of the most complex crossovers while also easy to operate and maintain.

For successful completion of the object, it is not only the quality of equipment important, but also the proficiency of support staff plays a big role.

Our mission is not only to supply FORWARD equipment, but also to help our clients make their business profitable and hassle-free business. This means that we need to ensure smooth operation of our equipment. That’s why we offer warranty, high-quality service and training of customer’s technical staff.

The technical training is a compulsory condition for providing warranty of FORWARD equipment by our company. For buyers of FORWARD rigs training course is absolutely free!

Technical training consists of 2 parts:

  • Theoretical course – 3 days;
  • Practical course – technical support on the first project (not more than 7 days).

Why FORWARD factory is located in China?


Answer: The decision to place FORWARD production site in China was taken by FORWARD Group management not by chance. We strove to produce high quality equipment, keep the low prices and ensure high production rate. At the present time, perhaps, only China provides the best opportunities in the terms of production time, quality and prices.

  • Engineering and technical potential

In China HDD drill rigs have been produced since 1998, coring drill rigs – since 1952. We brought highly qualified specialists together in our factory. They have a broad experience in designing and producing of drill rigs, as well as new ideas and a desire to make FORWARD products the best ones in the industry.

  • Low costs

Over the past decades, China has truly become one of the world's leading manufacturing sites. National policy of Chinese government is directed to support the export enterprises. Our factory is located in a free economic zone, where the optimal conditions for production are created. Government business support programs offer different advantages and preferences. The combination of low labor costs with high-tech manufacturing allows us to produce equipment with lower cost and in full compliance with high quality international standards. All these facts allow us to maintain competitive prices for our equipment.

  • Logistics

Well-developed logistics, advanced transport infrastructure, well-established network of suppliers allow us to receive all necessary spare parts and production materials in the shortest time. The location of our factory is very close to Lianyungang seaport on the Yellow sea allows us to optimize the process and time of shipment. The next day after leaving the departure seaport, our goods are reloaded in Qingdao seaport, which is among the ten largest seaports of the world and provides transportation in all directions. This enables us to deliver our products all over the world.

What are the advantages of FORWARD HDD rigs?

Answer: FORWARD are the only HDD rigs, especially designed for the Russian market. This is European quality at an attractive price. It is round-the-clock service, spare part storage and service base in Kazan, Russia.

FORWARD HDD rigs have exclusive power; the operation of rigs on real sites has shown that for many specifications actual values exceed the nominal ones. Special functions of thrust force and rotation acceleration significantly increase the efficiency of work.

Technical features of FORWARD HDD rigs:

  • FORWARD HDD rigs are equipped with solid-forged drill rods, reamers and other drilling tools made of high-quality steel.
  • All FORWARD HDD rigs are equipped with hydraulic valves Hydro Control (Italy), which increase the reliability and safety of work.
  • Thrust-pullback system using the rotation of hydraulic motor through a reduction gear. Compared to conventional thrust-pullback system using hydraulic cylinders, the speed is increased by more than 50%, moreover, the system is easy to maintain and more reliable.
  • FORWARD HDD rigs are equipped with crawler system by KAMATSU (Korean supplier of excavators) that provides a good cross-country capability, a powerful driving force, an extremely long time to failure. Unique crawler system of FORWARD HDD rigs – steel tracks with rubber inserts (on RX22×80 and RX33×120 HDD rigs) – successfully combines the strength characteristics and the ability to maintain the integrity of the asphalt pavement.
  • FORWARD HDD rigs are equipped with video surveillance system of main operating points, which allows to minimize the number of staff while drilling and to improve the quality and speed of work.
  • FORWARD HDD rigs are designed to work in different climatic conditions; they work equally well at a temperature of -35°C and at a temperature of +60°C.
  • Axial piston pump SAUER-DANFOSS (USA) and electro hydraulic proportional valve PVG32 increase performance by more than 10%, and the reliability and security of the system by more than 300%.
  • The hydraulic motors are provided by SAUER-DANFOSS (USA).
  • FORWARD HDD rigs take into account all possible situations that may arise on the real construction site, and offer a variety of customization options and adjustments.
  • FORWARD HDD rigs from 22tons have control cabins with heating system and air conditioning, which provides a comfortable environment for the operator.

Can you produce drilling equipment according to our technical specification?

Answer: FORWARD factory accepts orders for the production of drilling equipment according to your individual project. Drilling rigs with pulling capacity from 100 tons could be designed according to your technical specification. Besides, there is a range of options and special functions available on all drilling rigs. We are ready to take into account your wishes and release unique equipment for you.

In the modern society the traditional production schemes are replaced by new revolutionary ideas. Usually when customer selects from the standard range of products suggested by the manufacturer, he cannot find the equipment that will totally satisfy all his requirements and will be suitable for implementing all production plans.

The customer’s requirements are usually very reasonable and related to the specific features of his work, but very often cannot be fully met. This kind of problem usually occurs when the client wants to make a deal with a big manufacturer.

FORWARD GROUP has created an innovative program of equipment’s design and production according to individual customer’s order:

  • FORWARD offers a basic version of the equipment
  • The customer supplies his technical project, specific requirements and wishes
  • FORWARD engineers discuss with the client technical and financial viability of the project
  • FORWARD in cooperation with client approve (confirm) the project
  • We begin production upon customer’s request


Thus the equipment that fully meets the customer’s requirements was born.

Huge potential of FORWARD’s team of designers and engineers from Russia, Germany, Australia and China, as well as large production facilities enable us to develop and implement any project on drill rigs for horizontal directional drilling, coring drilling, water well drilling and multifunctional drilling.

We care about our customers. FORWARD can create the equipment that will be ideal for you. We are looking forward to your participation in FORWARD projects.

Why does the cost of FORWARD equipment different from Chinese?

Answer: In the production of FORWARD equipment we use only the best European and American components. At the same time, the assembly work is carried out in China to guarantee our customers the reasonable price without loss of quality.

The main components of FORWARD equipment are produced by well-known brands. All drilling machines are equipped with SAUER DANFOSS original hydraulic systems. Hydraulic motors for pulling and rotation are manufactured by EATON, SAM HYDRAULIC, POCLAIN, diesel engines - DEUTZ and STEYR, transfer gearbox on FORWARD equipment - German production (KTR), hydraulic motor and reducer of motion, parts of track from Korean brands DOOSAN and KOMATSU. The high quality of these components guarantees the reliability and smooth operation of FORWARD equipment.

Is FORWARD Chinese equipment?

Answer: FORWARD equipment was developed by a Russian company in partnership with German engineers. The head office and warehouse of the factory are located in Kazan, Russia. We placed our factory in China due to optimize the transportation and assembling cost.

FORWARD is a Russian project for production of mobile drilling equipment. The basic concept of the project is product development that matches European quality standards at an attractive price. FORWARD drilling facilities are designed to meet all demands of buyers and are adapted to work in the territory of the Russian Federation, that is, in difficult climatic and geological conditions.