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Can you train our team?

Answer: With the purchase of equipment we provide free theoretical and practical training and carry out technical support on the first project.

“FORWARD HDD” LLC produces horizontal directional drilling equipment of FORWARD brand. Hundreds of objects across Russia and CIS states are fulfilled at FORWARD drilling rigs. Our equipment has proved itself to be reliable, suitable for construction of the most complex crossovers while also easy to operate and maintain.

For successful completion of the object, it is not only the quality of equipment important, but also the proficiency of support staff plays a big role.

Our mission is not only to supply FORWARD equipment, but also to help our clients make their business profitable and hassle-free business. This means that we need to ensure smooth operation of our equipment. That’s why we offer warranty, high-quality service and training of customer’s technical staff.

The technical training is a compulsory condition for providing warranty of FORWARD equipment by our company. For buyers of FORWARD rigs training course is absolutely free!

Technical training consists of 2 parts:

  • Theoretical course – 3 days;
  • Practical course – technical support on the first project (not more than 7 days).

Fill out the form and we will send you the catalogue of our equipment to the notified address.

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