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Why FORWARD factory is located in China?


Answer: The decision to place FORWARD production site in China was taken by FORWARD Group management not by chance. We strove to produce high quality equipment, keep the low prices and ensure high production rate. At the present time, perhaps, only China provides the best opportunities in the terms of production time, quality and prices.

  • Engineering and technical potential

In China HDD drill rigs have been produced since 1998, coring drill rigs – since 1952. We brought highly qualified specialists together in our factory. They have a broad experience in designing and producing of drill rigs, as well as new ideas and a desire to make FORWARD products the best ones in the industry.

  • Low costs

Over the past decades, China has truly become one of the world's leading manufacturing sites. National policy of Chinese government is directed to support the export enterprises. Our factory is located in a free economic zone, where the optimal conditions for production are created. Government business support programs offer different advantages and preferences. The combination of low labor costs with high-tech manufacturing allows us to produce equipment with lower cost and in full compliance with high quality international standards. All these facts allow us to maintain competitive prices for our equipment.

  • Logistics

Well-developed logistics, advanced transport infrastructure, well-established network of suppliers allow us to receive all necessary spare parts and production materials in the shortest time. The location of our factory is very close to Lianyungang seaport on the Yellow sea allows us to optimize the process and time of shipment. The next day after leaving the departure seaport, our goods are reloaded in Qingdao seaport, which is among the ten largest seaports of the world and provides transportation in all directions. This enables us to deliver our products all over the world.

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