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What are the advantages of FORWARD HDD rigs?

Answer: FORWARD are the only HDD rigs, especially designed for the Russian market. This is European quality at an attractive price. It is round-the-clock service, spare part storage and service base in Kazan, Russia.

FORWARD HDD rigs have exclusive power; the operation of rigs on real sites has shown that for many specifications actual values exceed the nominal ones. Special functions of thrust force and rotation acceleration significantly increase the efficiency of work.

Technical features of FORWARD HDD rigs:

  • FORWARD HDD rigs are equipped with solid-forged drill rods, reamers and other drilling tools made of high-quality steel.
  • All FORWARD HDD rigs are equipped with hydraulic valves Hydro Control (Italy), which increase the reliability and safety of work.
  • Thrust-pullback system using the rotation of hydraulic motor through a reduction gear. Compared to conventional thrust-pullback system using hydraulic cylinders, the speed is increased by more than 50%, moreover, the system is easy to maintain and more reliable.
  • FORWARD HDD rigs are equipped with crawler system by KAMATSU (Korean supplier of excavators) that provides a good cross-country capability, a powerful driving force, an extremely long time to failure. Unique crawler system of FORWARD HDD rigs – steel tracks with rubber inserts (on RX22×80 and RX33×120 HDD rigs) – successfully combines the strength characteristics and the ability to maintain the integrity of the asphalt pavement.
  • FORWARD HDD rigs are equipped with video surveillance system of main operating points, which allows to minimize the number of staff while drilling and to improve the quality and speed of work.
  • FORWARD HDD rigs are designed to work in different climatic conditions; they work equally well at a temperature of -35°C and at a temperature of +60°C.
  • Axial piston pump SAUER-DANFOSS (USA) and electro hydraulic proportional valve PVG32 increase performance by more than 10%, and the reliability and security of the system by more than 300%.
  • The hydraulic motors are provided by SAUER-DANFOSS (USA).
  • FORWARD HDD rigs take into account all possible situations that may arise on the real construction site, and offer a variety of customization options and adjustments.
  • FORWARD HDD rigs from 22tons have control cabins with heating system and air conditioning, which provides a comfortable environment for the operator.

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