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Premium Drill Rods Copper Grease

FORWARD Company produces FORWARD Premium Drill Rods Copper Grease in accordance with all technological requirements.

The grease is used for protection and sealing thread joint of:

  • Drill rods used in HDD horizontal directional drilling constructions;
  • Drill pipes used in construction of slanted directional wells.
    Main advantages:

OWN PRODUCTION SITE. Our workshop use only innovative solutions and new technologies. We have a private laboratory for controlling the each stage of production.

LOW PRICE. The high-quality grease with appropriate price. We offer special prices and exclusive cooperation terms and conditions for wholesalers.

IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY. There is any quantity in stock in Kazan and ready for shipment to anywhere.

HIGH QUALITY. The product has certificate of quality.

COMFORTABLE PACKAGING. We pack grease in 5 kg PE bucket and 10 kg metal bucket.


RELIABLE PROTECTION OF DRILL ROD THREAD JOINT against corrosion, jamming and premature wear.

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