• Drill head with direct drive from hydraulic cylinder ensure stability during drilling process, as well as more accurate and reliable pressure regulation while drilling with pressure increase or decrease.
  • Drill head is suitable for drilling with rods of B-P series, rods diameter is from 55.5mm to 114.3mm, inner diameter from main axle is 121mm.
  • Patented jaws with chuck and hydraulic opening/spring closing function insure fail-safe operation. Spring clap and disk chuck clutch drill rods securely.
  • There is a function of lateral displacement of the drill head.


  • Mast is installed in working position for drilling using two hydraulic cylinders, which are equipped with balancing valves to increase security.
  • Rigid design of the mast provides superior performance and reliability even under the toughest geological conditions. Separate allocation of operator work place and mast lift/ extend control valve seriously reduces malfunction probability during work.
  • Hydraulic hoses transporter excludes hoses’ damage probability during operation.
  • The telescopic mast ensures the reliability of drilling. The underside end of the drilling mast anchors the ground surface while drilling, providing additional stability. While transportation the mast can be moved to center of gravity of the rig for more safety.


  • While transportation the operator panel is in closed position in order to avoid breakdowns.
  • The operator panel is equipped with non-fixing control joysticks, which provide additional safety for the operator. Drilling and rotation joystick with friction damper and non-fixing hoist joystick provide convenience and safe operation. There is auto alarm function for low level of hydraulic oil


  • Fiberglass hood provides excellent sound and heat insulation. Hood tilts with two fixing hydraulic props, which ensure easy access to maintenance of engine and hydraulic system.


  • Hydraulic pumps are directly connected to PTO-driven auxiliary pump, ensuring easy maintenance.


  • Separately located radiator is equipped with fan adjustment function according to environment temperature.
  • Radiators placed along increase the hydraulic oil’s cooling efficiency. The drill head is equipped with a separate radiator section.


  • Mounting of main winch on mast minimizes coring drill rig’s vibration.


  • Crawler chassis of the drill rig is equipped with hydraulic motors of Korean production, which guarantee high operation quality.

Technical Characteristics

Technical characteristics of the main machine
Drilling Depth Guidelines
Dry hole depth  451 - 1 648 m / 1 480 - 5 400 feet
Fluid filled depth  688 - 2 504 m / 2 257 - 8 215 feet
Diesel Engine 
Model  DEUTZ BF6M2012, liquid cooled, turbo changed, inter-cooled 
Power (maximum) at 2,500 RPM 147 KW / 200 HP
Torque and RPM Ratings
(Hydraulic motor at maximum/minimum displacement, prime mover at 2,200 RPM) 
Min. rotation speed  250 - 300 RPM
Min. Torque 6560 – 5216 Nm
Max. rotation speed  1 075 – 1 300 RPM
Min. Torque 1424 – 1108 Nm
Drill Head
Mechanical Transmission Funk 4 speed
Drill Mast And Feed System
Feed Stroke 3.8 m / 12.5 ft
Feed Pull 220 000 N / 49 471 lbf
Feed Thrust 110 000  N / 24 735 lbf
Rod pull 6 m / 20 ft
Drilling Angle 30º off horizontal to 90º vertical down
Main Line Hoist
Double speed motor
Hook Load ( single part line)
Bare Drum 12 000 Kg / 26 445 lb
High hoisting Speed (Bare Drum) 85 m/min / 278 ft/min
Low hoisting Speed (Bare Drum) 50 m/min / 164 ft/min
Main Hoist Cable 22 mm /  0.886 in
Minimum Breaking Strength 25 600 Kg / 56 448 lb
Foot Clamp Capacity PWT
Wireline Hoist
Line Pull 425-1 500 Kg / 940 -3 300 lb
Line Speed  121 - 430 m/min 
Fluid Circulation Pump
Displacement 0 - 180 LPM / 0 - 66 gpm
Pressure 0 - 7 Mpa / 0 - 1 015 psi
Weight and dimensions
Weight  8 500 Kg
Transportation Dimensions (L×W×H) 5 920 ×2 250 × 2 505 mm



FORWARD C6 drilling equipment main machine  1 unit

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