Horizontal directional drilling method
Horizontal directional drilling (HDD method) is a way to lay various underground communications by the trenchless technology. Using this method, the surface of landscape remains intact, including beautification features, roadway, building and constructions. Currently several proven techniques of
Trenchless pipelaying
Traditionally, underground communications are laid in a trench way. It’s necessary to dig out the upper fertile soil layer and green space. If the work is passing across the road, it’s also necessary to destroy the asphalt surface, thereby stopping the entire traffic flow until the
Maximum drilling length of HDD method
The horizontal drilling technology has long ceased to be exotic. A lot of companies offer various drilling services. When standard methods of trench laying do not work, horizontal directional drilling become a unique opportunity. This idea was published in 1960s in the US by Martin Cherrington, who
Horizontal directional drilling is a unique technology
There are several types of laying underground pipelines.  All of them do not stand still, they are constantly developing and improving. Recently the technology, unique in its own way, has been put into operation. It is a technology of pipes laying at places where trenching is not possible.
Laying Underground Communication Infrastructure
Various communications are laid underground for the transmission of electricity from the supplier to the client. This way of laying gives many advantages. The cable keeps well in the ground. It is difficult to extract it manually.
Laying water pipelines under the ground
Water pipelines, which laid down in accordance with technical regulations, can be used for a long time and with maximum efficiency. Each waterline project must start with design development. It can help you to avoid any problems.