» » Horizontal directional drilling is a unique technology

Horizontal directional drilling is a unique technology

When is the HDD used?

There are several types of laying underground pipelines.  All of them do not stand still, they are constantly developing and improving. Recently the technology, unique in its own way, has been put into operation. It is a technology of pipes laying at places where trenching is not possible. Such laying of pipelines can be used in immediate neighborhood of railway, close to highways, lakes, marshes and rivers. It is also applied in densely populated areas of the big cities.

This method involves the use of special equipment which allows to meet the biggest challenges. Nowadays trenchless pipe laying is used in cases, when communication lines and cable systems are necessary to be installed at places where digging is strictly prohibited. Before HDD works start, the high-quality study of its composition is carried out, all necessary permissions are obtained, main work stages are planned and so on.

HDD is a technological revolution in the construction industry

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technology has been known from the 1980s, but they had to get through skeptical attitude and distrust before they received due recognition and gained reputation of a reliable and economical method of laying underground pipelines.

HDD industry has been steadily developing throughout recent years. This technology made a real revolution in the field of installation underground utilities. The growth of demand for municipal service, laying telecommunications, fiber-optic, electrical and telephone cables, water and gas supply, sewerage system opened up great prospects for horizontal directional drilling method. In addition, HDD is used in installation of cathodic protection of the pipelines from the corrosion and for the soil stabilization.

Variety of the HDD rigs

In response to the increased demand, the manufactures have developed and produced a large variety of the HDD equipment, where used the latest achievements of engine technology, electronics and hydraulic equipment: from small rigs with a pulling force from 2 tons for municipal works to powerful ones, developing the pulling force more than 500 tons and capable to lay a pipe up to 1200 mm in diameter and 2000 m in length at once. It should be noted that over 90% of producible and being in operation drilling rigs refer to small and middle classes (with pulling force up to 25 tons).

Nowadays the engineers are bent on producing the drilling rigs, which would achieve maximum efficiency with minimum dimensions.

Most of the world's leading manufacturers of HDD equipment come from USA, Europe and China.

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