Drilling methods:

  • Direct/Reverse Circulation Air Drilling
  • Direct/Reverse Circulation Mud Drilling
  • DTH Drilling

The main features:

  • Open/close of drilling fluid supply is controlled by hydraulic cylinder.
  • The construction of power head helps to avoid damage of the rods, thread
  • The telescopic mast allows to use 6.1m length
  • Equipped with reliable clamping system, which can easily be adjusted for height
  • Full hydraulic drive
  • Maximum spindle torque - 11 000 Нm
  • The maximum hole depth - 400 m
  • The maximum diameter of drilling hole – 420 mm
  • Maximum hoist capacity - 20 tone
  • Applicable drill rod range: 2-5 inches
  • American hydraulic system
  • Fast feed and lifting function reduce the time of drilling
  • Adjusting angle of power head 0-90°.simplifies loading of drill rods.
  • Lifting system on sliding supports for fixing the rig on site in difficult terrain conditions and for loading / unloading the vehicle (in the absence of the gangway)
  • The rig is equipped with 4 bright LED floodlights for night work.

Technical Characteristics
Technical characteristics of the main machine
Diesel Engine 
Power  97 KW / 122 HP
Fuel tank capacity 220 L
Drilling capability
Drill rod diameter Drilling depth
Ø 73 mm (Ø 2-7/8ʺ)  500 m
Ø 89 mm (Ø 3-1/2ʺ)  400 m
Ø114 mm (Ø 4-1/2ʺ) 300 m
Mast Height (fully extended) 10.9 m
Mast height (fully retracted) 6.6 m
Power head distance (stroke) 7 100 mm
Applicable drill rod 6.1 m
Adjusting angle of mast 0-90º
Push and pull ability of power head
Maximum hoist capacity (up) 200 kN
Maximum hoist capacity (down) 100 kN
Maximum hoisting speed 30 m/min
Hoisting speed with full load  15 m/min
Rotation and Torque
Rotation speed  0~120 RPM
Torque 5 500 - 11 000 Nm
Hoist crane at the top
Maximum hoist capacity 20 kN
Untwisting system
Applicable drill rod 2 in to 5 in (50-127 mm)
Maximum torque 40 000 Nm
Weight and dimensions
Dimensions in operation 4.3×2.8×10.9 m
Dimension in transportation 6.6×2.2×2.9 m
Maximum inside length between hydraulic supports  2.8 m
Maximum lifting of hydraulic supports in operation 1.5 m
Weight 13 500 kg


FORWARD RC4 drilling equipment main machine  1 unit

*Standard configuration can be changed according to your requirement

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