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Individual project HDD RIG

Individual project HDD RIG

FORWARD factory accepts orders for the production of drilling equipment according to your individual project. Drilling rigs with pulling capacity from 100 tons could be designed according to your technical specification. Besides, there is a range of options and special functions available on all drilling rigs. We are ready to take into account your wishes and release unique equipment for you.

In the modern society the traditional production schemes are replaced by new revolutionary ideas. Usually when customer selects from the standard range of products suggested by the manufacturer, he cannot find the equipment that will totally satisfy all his requirements and will be suitable for implementing all production plans.

The customer’s requirements are usually very reasonable and related to the specific features of his work, but very often cannot be fully met. This kind of problem usually occurs when the client wants to make a deal with a big manufacturer.

FORWARD GROUP has created an innovative program of equipment’s design and production according to individual customer’s order:


  • FORWARD offers a basic version of the equipment.
  • The customer supplies his technical project, specific requirements and wishes.
  • FORWARD engineers discuss with the client technical and financial viability of the project.
  • FORWARD in cooperation with client approve (confirm) the project.
  • We begin production upon customer’s request.
  • Thus the equipment that fully meets the customer’s requirements was born.

Huge potential of FORWARD’s team of designers and engineers from Russia, Germany, Australia and China, as well as large production facilities enable us to develop and implement any project on drill rigs for horizontal directional drilling, coring drilling, water well drilling and multifunctional drilling.

We care about our customers. FORWARD can create the equipment that will be ideal for you. We are looking forward to your participation in FORWARD projects.

By order

By order

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