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MD Series Mud cleaner

MD Series Mud cleaner is intended for the mud cleaning on the second and third stages of cleaning system, includes a shale shaker, desander and desilter. The Desander and desilter are adjusted above the shale shaker. Depending on the rated capacity, the number of cyclones can be changed. The mud cleaner is ideal equipment for the circulation system.

Technical specifications




240 (1056)

Vibrating Motion

Linear Motion

Motor Power (kW)/(HP)

2×1.72 (2×2.31)

Desiter cyclone mm (in)

10×100 (10×4)

Desander cyclone mm (in)

2×250 (2×10)

Electrical characteristics

380V/50Hz, 460V/60Hz or by order

Screen Area(m³)/(ft²)

2.2 (24)

Screen Dimension(mm)/(in)

700×1050 (27.6×41.3)

Dimension L×W×H(mm)/(in)

2448×2943×2508 (96.4×115.9×98.7)

Weight (kg)/(lbs)

2380 (5247)


Test for drilling mud processing: for shale shaker with one frame the density is 1,2g/cm3; viscosity is 45 seconds; the number of screens is API 40.

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