FORWARD GROUP presents its new development: Multifunctional Top Drive Drill Rig TDR-50 is unique equipment that allows drilling boreholes for various purposes in diameters from 108 to 1200mm and depth of 1500m by five different drilling methods. The engineers from Australia, Germany, Russia and China took part in the designing of this equipment.


  • Shallow oil and gas drilling
  • Water well drilling
  • Coal bed methane exploration
  • Rescue well drilling
  • Mine exploration drilling


  • Rotary drilling

-with direct circulation of mud

-with reverse circulation of mud

-with direct air blasting

-with reverse air blasting

  • Wire line core drilling
  • Auger drilling
  • Percussion core drilling (ram coring)
  • Down-The-Hole hammer DC and RC drilling

-with direct air blasting

-with reverse air blasting



  • The mast is equipped with 4 guide rails for the carrier of the drill head and a suspension for the feed device. The rig is also equipped with slipper system, in order to the mast slip, and the stroke is 3.65m, the mast can be reliably based on the ground.
  • The mast is constructed of high tensile steel and hydraulically elevated, mast lifting and lowering and degree of slope controlled by four (4) double acting hydraulic cylinders.
  • The rig can be set up the blowout preventer and other systems.

Top Drive Head

  • Hydraulic motor and gearbox could be adjusted for working on high speed and torque with high efficiency.
  • Top drive head suits for tricone bit, DTH hammer, PDC Drill bit and diamond bit which meets special demand of rotate speed and torque during work. The 4-shift gearbox using spur gear drive, oil bath lubrication.
  • The angle of rotate unit could be adjusted as needed, ranges from 0º(vertical) to 90º. The water connector can hold maximum pressure 35Mpa.

Electrical System

Generator and battery are driven by diesel engine and provide 24V direct-current power supply. All cables are protected with seal line. Furthermore, all circuits are equipped with short-circuited plunger.

Mud Line System

All mud lines on the TDR-50 Drilling Rig have 3" (76.2mm) diameter, in order to reduce friction losses to a minimum.

Additional Rig Components

TDR-50 Rig can be modified. All kinds of aggregates, required for different drilling methods, can be installed on the rig at customer request, or supplied as stand-by aggregates.

Technical Characteristics
Technical characteristics of the main machine
Diesel Engine 
Model  STEYR-WEICHAI Diesel engine, 2 valves, turbocharged intercooled.  Euro II
Power (maximum) at 2,500 RPM 247 KW / 330 HP 
Drill Mast
Length of Mast ( Fully Expanded) 62' (18.9m)
Length of Mast (Fully Retracted) 39.4' (12 m)
Stroke of Feeding 45.93' (14 m)
Stoke of Mast Slipping 143.7″(3.65m)
Rod and Casing I (18-22 feet), II (27-30 feet), III (38-45 feet)
Feeding System
Capacity of Pull Back Force 110 230 lbf (500 KN)
Capacity of Pull Down Force 26 455 lbf (120 KN)
Max. Pull Back Speed 19 m/min 
Max. Pull Down Speed 55 m/min
Drill Head (4  Shifts, 8 Speeds)
1st  shift 270 - 600 RPM  3 850 – 2 150 Nm
2nd  shift 150 - 280 RPM   3 850 – 6 850 Nm
3rd  shift 95 – 170 RPM   6 250 – 11 000 Nm
4th  shift 60 – 110 RPM   9 000 – 16 800 Nm
Main Winch
Line Pull 30 KN
Wire Rope Diameter 14 mm
Wire Rope Length 45 m
Coring Winch
Line Pull 15 KN
Pull Speed 0-280 m/min
Power Tong
Size Rang 3 1/2 ″coupling - 8″body
Max.Torque 100 KNm
Weight and dimensions
Length in Working / Transport Position 12.1 m / 8.16 m
Width in Working / Transport Position 2.9 m / 2.9 m
Height in Working / Transport Position 3.4 m / 18.9 m
Weight 35 000 Kg


Top Drive Head
Foam Pump
Line Oiler
Coring Winch
Power Tong
Hydraulic Driven Generator
Operator Cabin with Air Condition
Camera System
■---Standard Equipment          □---Optional Equipment   


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