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Multifunctional Slanted Drilling Equipment - FORWARD RX250×900V

FORWARD GROUP offers to your attention FORWARD RX250×900V drilling equipment for boring inclined wells at an angle of 12˚-60˚.

Fields of application:

  • Construction of drainage systems for the protecting different objects and built-up areas
  • HDD drilling for laying pipes under rivers with significant altitude difference
  • Drilling from 12° till 60° for high-viscosity oil extraction
  • CBM jobs
  • Production of hydrocarbons close to coastal shelf

Drill rig with inclined adjustable mast, thrust-pullback force 250 tons, used for the construction of horizontal, directional and vertical wells. Drilling angle 12-60°, mounting is carried out at the working area. Drilling Rig with frame is mounted to approach ramp. FORWARD multifunctional slanted drilling equipment consists of approach ramp base platform, mast, axial support of the mast, anchor tubes, top drive, rod-wrenching system , operator’s cabin, and power station. For easy transportation, the approach ramp consists of 6 blocks (parts), 4 side supports and 2 front supports fixed by finger joint. The angle of the mast is controlled by 2 hydraulic cylinders.

Technical characteristics of the main machine
Main machine
Type of drive Gear and pinion
Clamping range of pipe feeding system 102 – 426 mm
The max length of drilling pipe up to 12.5 m
Drill carriage
Max thrust/pull back force in low speed 2 550 kN
Max thrust/pull back force in high speed 840 kN
Carriage speed 0-27 m/min
Spindle rotation 
Rotation speed 0-120 rpm
Max.spindle torque in low speed 90 000 Nm
Max.spindle torque in high speed 45 000 Nm
Sliding stroke 180 mm
Wrenching system
Clamping range 102 – 451 mm
Type of clamping three-jaw
Jaws reducing spindle torque 196 000 Nm
Jaws clamping spindle torque 98 000 Nm
Other Characteristics
Drilling angle 12-60°
Weight and dimensions
HDD rig weight 52 000 kg
Dimensions (L×W×H) 21.20×2.45×3.79 m


All management of drilling rig controlled from the operator’s cabin. Operator’s cabin is 20 ft container with thermal isolation, heating system and air-conditioner All main measuring equipment of main machine (the pressure of all hydraulic pumps, thrust/pull back force indicators, indicators of torque, indicators of spindle rotation speed), diesel engine (rotation speed, water temperature, oil pressure) are placed on control panel.

Driver-friendly cockpit. Two inspection windows provide a broad overview of the working area. The operator’s cabin equipped with CCTV system: eight cameras and two monitors (color, 40 inches), and outdoor PA system. Power supply from external power 10kW.

Technical characteristics of operator’s cabin
Main machine
Function Visual inspection
Thrust/pull back force in low speed Display, hydraulic manometer
Thrust/pull back force in high speed Display, hydraulic manometer
Spindle rotation in low speed Display, hydraulic manometer
Spindle rotation in high speed Display, hydraulic manometer
The movement of twisting/untwisting pipe mechanism Display, hydraulic manometer
Clamping and untwisting pipes mechanism Display, hydraulic manometer
Power Station
Launch and speed control of diesel engine Electric accessories
The pressure of each pump Hydraulic manometer
Rotational speed, oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, etc. of diesel engine and mud pump Electric indicator
The fuel level in the fuel tank Electric indicator
Indicators of filter elements pollution Hydraulic manometer, light signal
Indicator of low hydraulic oil level Electric indicator, light signal
Lighting system
Lamps on cabin (outside) 2 LED
Lamps in cabin (inside) 2 LED
Other Characteristics
CCTV system CCTV system for main machine: boring hole, mast, spindle, twisting system
Communications system Outdoor PA system
Operators armchair Moveable front/back, rotating
Air conditioner 1 pic
Electric heater 4 pic
Weight and dimensions
Container 20 ft
HDD rig weight 3 195 kg
Dimensions (L×W×H) 6,00×2,45×2,75 m


Technical characteristics of  power station
Diesel engine
Power 2×243 kWt
Rotation speed 2 200 rpm
Fuel consumption during 1500 rpm 2×40.8 L/h
Other Characteristics
Hydraulic tank preheating system +
Fuel tank volume 850 L
Hydraulic tank volume 1000 L
Weight and dimensions
Container 20 ft
HDD rig weight 9 100 kg
Dimensions (L×W×H) 6,00×2,45×2,75 m
FORWARD RX250×900V drilling equipment main machine consists of approach ramp, base platform, mast, axial support of the mast, anchor tubes, spider, top drive. 1 unit
Operator’s cabin 1 unit
Power station 1 unit
*Standard configuration can be changed according to your requirement

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