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Rosspetsstroy LLC. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city, Russia

In October 2012 our company purchased FORWARD RX22×80 HDD rig. This HDD complex was purchased to be used in a remote location in Shikotan Island. Works were carried out in difficult climatic and geological conditions (for example: unexpected weather changes, high humidity, strong winds, gravelly sands, medium density, gravelly soil with a loamy sand-clay aggregate to 35%, rubbly soil etc.)
Drilling rig during the operation period from December 2012 till June 2013 was regularly maintained. There were no failure of the equipment, which influenced period of execution of works. Breakdown that are connected with drilling subassemblies were more related to quality of producing of subassemblies, rather than with the quality of assembly. By reason of availability of spare parts and understandable structure diagram the replacement of failed subassemblies was very easy for us.
After successful using of FORWARD RX22×80, we decided to purchase two drilling rigs that we have received at the end of May this year. FORWARD RX11x44 and FORWARD RX22x80.
Theoretical and practical trainings allowed us to start works immediately. We started to lay the PE pipelines Æ110 mm, 78 rm length using FORWARD RX11×44 drilling rig. FORWARD RX22×80 HDD was used to lay down PE pipelines Æ160 mm, length 74rm. We highly appreciated the quality of the instruction, which gave us large amount of new information. The members of service department as well as the whole company had shown the professionalism and huge experience in HDD sphere.
I thank the whole team of FORWARD HDD Company for the responsibility and professionalism.

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