» » PSK Kapitalstroy LLC. Kazan city, Russia

PSK Kapitalstroy LLC. Kazan city, Russia

PSK «Kapitalstroy LLC purchased FORWARD RX11×44 HDD rig on 26.06.2012.
By the reason of the timely delivery of FORWARD RX11×44 HDD rig, we have made all planned works in time and awarded to clients.
During the operation of FORWARD RX11×44 HDD rig has proved in the positive side. This equipment is easy to operate and allows us to complete tasks of any difficulties. We are satisfied with the purchased unit of your company and look forward to further cooperation.
We want to express our thanks to FORWARD HDD Company for solving all our questions and conscientious attitude to all contract obligations. Our special thanks to service department, especially for V. A. Ageev for the timely theoretical and practical instruction and technical support.
General Director
R.R. Kasimov

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