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Workover Drilling Rig

FORWARD GROUP presents a new equipment for workover drilling.

FORWARD RXJ-45 workover drilling rig is designed for the well workover, drilling angle can be changed in range of 45 to 90 degrees. The rig on low bed truck is equipped with a loader crane and control cabin.

Technical Characteristics

Technical characteristics of the main machine
Diesel engine power 175 KW / 235 HP
Pullback-trust force (can be adjusted according to pipe diameter) 450 KN
Spindle torque 11 000 Nm
Maximum pullback-trust speed 32 m/min
Rotation speed 0-72 rpm / 0-36 rpm
Mast positioning angle 18-90 °
Diameter of worktubes 60/73/89 mm
Max. length of worktubes 11.5 m
Straight-line distance until mouth of the well at the mast rake angle of 45° (Well-Control equipment) 2.5 m
Max. spindle torque of  snapping back 30 000 Nm
Lifting capacity of loader crane 3 tons
Max. arm length of loader crane 7.5 m
Max. pressure of mud pump 10 MPa
Max. capacity of mud pump 600 L / min
Diesel engine power 175 kW
Fuel tank capacity 800 L
Spider +
Control cabin +



FORWARD RXJ-45 drilling equipment main machine  1 unit

*Standard configuration can be changed according to your requirement

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